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    Why Buy From Us ?

    Hello, my name is Masis Agopyan, let me tell you a little about my business and myself.

    I am part of a family with generations of experience in hand making fine jewellery, dealing in diamonds and also in buying fine gemstones and finished jewellery from around the world. When I started in this industry I had just some basic bench experience, hand making simple items of jewellery, I enjoyed the work, but preferred the more technical and scientific side of the business, as such I went on to study everything I could in the industry, to know as much as I could and do the best I could. I am now a qualified Australian Gemmologist (F.G.A.A.), holder of a Diploma of Diamond Technology (DipDT), Diamond Grader (HRD Qualified & GAA Qualified) and a registered valuer with both the NCJV & AAJV. I am youngest ever Diamond grader/Technologist, and the youngest ever registered valuer (NCJV – NSW division). As my father was the original establisher of this business and with him as a specialist in the manufacturing side of the business we also have a wealth of experience with handmade jewellery and in the design of such items, both my father & I are jewellery designers and can help with the creation of a custom piece just for you, we are sure that you will not find a more comprehensive “one stop shop” anywhere.

    Our business is a member of the following industry associations:

    - GAA
    - NCJV
    - AAJV

    We do not have DOUBLE pricing, the prices listed are the prices we sell at, we will on expensive items, provide you with a guideline valuation price, which we will also supply you with, personalised to the name & address that you stipulate, for insurance purposes.

    We are an Australian family owned business.

    List of qualifications within the organisation:

    - Gemmologist (GAA Australia)
    - Diamond Technologist (GAA)
    - Diamond Grader (GAA)
    - Diamond Grader (HRD Antwerp)
    - Jewellery Valuer (NCJV)
    - Goods & Chattels Auction & Valuation (AVAA – TAFE NSW)
    - Qualified Jewellers

    Why are our prices so good?
    You are dealing direct with the “importer” of items, or “creator” of items, we don’t have middlemen to pay, nor do we have stratospheric rents to pay in shopping centres, we PASS these savings on to you, our customer, so you can get more for your dollar.

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