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    A new start,

    Hello & welcome everyone to the best website for the BEST diamonds online, after much work, we finally have our new website, and we are open for business. Please get in touch with us via the "contact us" section and let us know what you need.

    If you can't find what you are looking for, email us & we can help, there are more diamonds that we have access to that we do not list here, for example, coloured diamonds, fancy colours like pink, blue, yellow, etc. With access to many suppliers of coloured diamonds, I'm confident that we can find the right one for you.


    What is a diamond?

    Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral known to man (in any large scale quantities, as wurtzite boron nitride is not easily found), and has always been sought after as the finest gem ornament for royalty and the rich, around the world. The ancient Greeks called diamond “adamas” meaning “invincible” such was their admiration for its strength.
    A diamond is made from pure Carbon crystals, arranged in a cubic crystal system, the carbon atoms are put under extreme heat & pressure until they change form, this is why most diamonds are found inside volcanic pipes around the world, or downstream in alluvial deposits that have worn away the volcanic rock over time.

    Diamonds are part of a crystal system called the cubic crystal system, and because of this, they are singly refractive, this means that when light enters the diamond crystal, it stays as one beam of light through the diamond, the light is not split into 2 separate beams. There are other gemstones that are also cubic, but none quite the same as diamonds, for example, all garnets are also cubic crystals, but they are very different in look and hardness when compared to diamonds.

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