• Jewelery Remodelling & Remaking

    Do you have some old jewellery you'd like to have made into new jewellery?

    We can help you with that, we offer a full remodelling & remaking service, if you have a piece that is dear to your heart, that holds a special meaning, but is broken, or in need of drastic work in order to wear again, we can remake it just like new, using the old piece as our guide, we can make a new item that looks just like the old one.

    If you're not so keen on the design, but love the diamonds or other gemstones you have, why not let us make a brand new piece for you? Using all, or some of your old gemstones, we can add new ones, add different ones, almost anything you can imagine. Send us pictures of what you want, sketches, drawings etc, or just come into our store & have a chat, we can help design something special just for you.

    We have been doing this type of work for many customers over the years and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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